Friday, March 25, 2016

Scrap the Challenge...

This week Mari and I responded to a viewer request. Jennifer wanted to see us tackle a double page layout. Yikes! I usually make companion pages because I find that they are easier for me to make, but I decided to really challenge myself and make one with a lot of photos. My spread has a total of eight pictures, and while that may not seem like a lot to some people, it is a big accomplishment for me. I narrowed my pictures down to showcase the visit overall. I still have a bunch of pictures that I could scrap. Little Miss Emily is a character and she really got into posing with some of the figures.

I decided to start by trimming the bottom three photos on the right side to 4x4. At that point, I was quickly able to see that I needed to trim down a couple more in width unless I wanted them to span the entire width of the page. I chose two photos and trimmed them to 3x4 with the 4x4 in the middle of them to balance out that side. The photos on the top of the left page were then easy to figure out sizing. The one of Emily and JLo I trimmed to 3x4 as well. The horizontal photo I trimmed to 3.5x5 to add a bit of variety in to the layout. The left side was relatively easy. I trimmed the picture of Patrick to 3.5x5 and the picture of my husband and Elton John to 3.5x3.5. Again, I was going for a bit of symmetry to make the photo placement a bit easier. 

I chose to add the title over part of the photo. I love that look and thought it helped to ground the title. The large arrow was perfect to draw attention to the title and to balance out the weight on the other side.

I used aqua and red embellishments around the page and I love how they pulled out colors in the photos. The chipboard circles and arrow are from Freckled Fawn, and the stars are from Twine and Ink. 

The phrases on the chipboard circles were perfect for the photos so they dictated the colors of the embellishments that I used around the page. I stamped out the date and a few other things for some added interest.

The supplies that I used were from a previous Hip Kit. If you have any specific questions about them, let me know and I'll try to answer them for you. I do have a process video up on this layout. Be sure to check out Mari's video as well.  If you have any ideas on challenges that you would like to see from us, please leave a comment either on the blog or the video. 

Mari's video:

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