Thursday, July 9, 2015

Look Mommy!

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that phrase called out to me, I'd be vacationing in Hawaii right now.  So when it came time to redo this layout and tell the story, this title was perfect.  I forgot to post the picture of the layout that I re-made. 

Ick!  I didn't like the page the entire time that I was making it. Why I continued is beyond me.  Sometimes though perseverance pays off and you end up with a layout that you love.  This never made it into my album, and somewhere along the way the "g" was lost.  I kept this layout in a stack of layouts that needed to find homes in albums, and finally decided to give it a makeover.  The first page highlighted her bug prayer (see previous post) and the story for the second page talks about her love of showing me her bugs that she would find.

I'm so much happier with these two pages!  Seriously!  The stories are documented and the layouts make me happy.
I'm content making pages that complement one another as opposed to a double page spread.  I used to always make double page layouts, but now I find that they stump me.  I like to use similar colors and papers without having them necessarily match one another.  In this layout, I used the Elle's Studio paper (pink and orange polka dots) and the Maggie Holmes sequins to tie these two pages together without having them be exactly like one another. 
I am so happy now to have these sweet stories documented and in my albums now.  I won't make a habit of redoing my layouts, but I don't think that I will wait so long next time if I find myself unhappy with my finished page.
If you would like to take a closer look at my process, here is the video. 

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