Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm Twerking on the Crafty Maven channel

Twerk it Thursday...that name cracks me up everytime I see it.  Today TinaGale and I are up on the channel with out layouts.  We chose to work with the same sketch and it is really neat to see how we both changed it up a bit to meet our needs.  Here is the sketch that we chose to work with this week.

Here is the inspiration piece that we used this week as well.

I'm pretty happy with how this layout turned out.  Most importantly, this story has been told and hopefully my son learned a lesson.

I can be a bit sarcastic and this Amy Tangerine die cut worked well for the title of this layout.  I usually don't like to mix a bunch of fonts on one page, but these worked so well together that I had to put them on the page.  Here's a nice close up in which you can see the cracked screen.  The long Freckled Fawn arrow was perfect and I love that it points where the cracks are on the screen.

I decided that I could totally get away with using the zebra washi tape on this page as well.  It's rare  and I think that it relates well to destroying two phones in two weeks.

Here's the process video if you'd like to take a peek.

Amy Tangerine - Finders Keepers - Bright Eyes Paper
Amy Tangerine - Finders Keepers - Expedition Paper
Amy Tangerine - Finders Keepers - Seeker Paper
Amy Tangerine - Finders Keepers - Rub-Ons
Amy Tangerine - Finders Keepers -  Die Cut Shapes
Amy Tangerine - Finders Keepers - Washi Tape
Amy Tangerine - Finders Keepers - Puffy Stickers

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